IN PHOTOS: URCC 27 Rebellion. 5 New Champions. 9 Awesome Fights.

URCC 27 Rebellion Delivered. As Always.


Filipino MMA fans gathered to witness a parade of slobber-knocking action in URCC 27: Rebellion at the Marriott Grand Ballroom on April 23, 2016.

It was a rather quick night, with eight of the nine bouts leaving the judges out of the equation; five of which ended in the very first round. Here’s a rundown of the night’s hard-banging bouts, shared through the lenses of our talented photographers Yin Quintin and Raul Landingin.

In the first bout of the evening, after multiple tries Solomon Dultra makes Efren Marinias tap with a perfect arm bar in the very first round.

URCC 27 Rebellion 1

URCC 27 Rebellion 2

Submission Sport’s Geli Bulaong submits Kafagway MMA debutante Jen Damaso with a standing guillotine in the first after the two engaged in multiple grappling exchanges.

URCC 27 Rebellion 4

URCC 27 Rebellion 3

Drex “The T-Rex” Zamboanga dominates late replacement Dennis Domingo in the standup and on the ground, finishing him with a rear naked choke in the first round.

URCC 27 Rebellion 6

For the URCC pinweight title, Fritz Biagtan stops Eddie Estrada with brutal strikes in the first round, escaping Estrada’s strangling triangle choke beforehand. Fritz busts out with a break dance to celebrate the victory.

URCC 27 Rebellion 7

URCC 27 Rebellion 8

Alvin Ramirez vs. Carlo Laurel did not disappoint! Ramirez rocked Laurel with a right hook counter in the first. The end came in the third, starting with a highlight reel head kick that opened up Carlo and led to a doctor stoppage with 1:09 left in the clock.

URCC 27 Rebellion 10

URCC 27 Rebellion 11

URCC 27 Rebellion 12

URCC veteran Hideo Morikawa lost his URCC flyweight title to 19-year-old phenom CJ De Tomas. De Tomas pounded Morikawa with explosive takedowns and brutal GNP across five rounds, while “Death From Tokyo” resorted to tying De Tomas up with leg locks. It was a clean sweep across all judges for De Tomas Muay Thai’s “Golden Boy”.

URCC 27 Rebellion 14

URCC 27 Rebellion 13

URCC 27 Rebellion 15

The URCC light heavyweight title fight was insane! Caloy Baduria kept on plodding forward, catching Chris Hofmann’s punches and knees with his face. In the second frame, Baduria landed a nasty left overhand that turned Hofmann’s lights out momentarily. Hofmann barely recovered to reach the end of the round, when Baduria had to bow out due to a dislocated shoulder.

URCC 27 Rebellion 16

URCC 27 Rebellion 17

URCC 27 Rebellion 18

For the URCC lightweight title, Will “The Kill” Chope dissected Richie “The Cannibal” Redman, finishing his opponent with a rear naked choke while Redman was in his triangle body lock.

URCC 27 Rebellion 19

URCC 27 Rebellion 20

In the main event of the evening, Do Gyeom Lee recovered from a first-round barrage care of Red Romero to retaliate with a fight-ending beating of his own in the second round, making him the new URCC featherweight champion via referee stoppage due to strikes.

URCC 27 Rebellion 21

URCC 27 Rebellion 22

Yin Quintin is a full-time nurse who saves people by day and watches people beat up other people at night. She’d rather shoot ringside than be a ring girl.

Raul Landingin (AKA “Flying Big Bear”) is a long-time MMA photographer whose body of work includes shooting for MMA Orient, MMA in Asia, and now MMA Philippines.



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