PXC Laban MMA 4 Results: Pacatiw overthrows Francisco; gaining 5 kgs an advantage

Jeremy Pacatiw is Headed to the PXC Pro League


Team Lakay’s Jeremy Pacatiw won against D’ Elements MMA’s Ralf Francisco via Unanimous Decision during the main event of PXC Laban MMA 4 at Baguio Convention Center on February 27, 2016. This event coincided with the 2016 Panagbenga Festival, and it was just as successful as when the promotion mounted their first event last year.

In the first round, Pacatiw used his wrestling to bully Francisco on the ground, at one time attempting a rear naked choke. The second the bell rang for the next frame, Pacatiw went straight for a powerful takedown. For most of the round, Francisco was pinned on the ground and Pacatiw maintained the dominant position.

There were a lot of action on the ground during the first and second salvos, but in the third round, both fighters exchanged strikes and kicks with each other. Then again, Pacatiw was able to take Francisco down but and went for a massive beating in the last 10 seconds of the bout.

After claiming the victory, Pacatiw stressed his strategy, that the initial thing he needed to do was find his opponent’s weakness. “Ang balak ko talaga ay tingnan kung saan ang weakness niya. Pag nakita ko na yun, I will grab it,” said the undefeated Lakay.

Since both Pacatiw and Francisco are known for their striking abilities, the more well-rounded Pacatiw went for a different gameplan from the get go. “Alam kong parehas kami ng striking skills, kaya I found another way [in wrestling] to dominate the game.” A more polished ground game from Pacatiw was rather evident, with the young Lakay crediting his seniors for the improvement. “I learnt a lot of ground and grappling skills for the past few months, thanks to Kevin Belingon and Eduard Folayang.”

PXC Laban MMA 2

Ralf Francisco did have his moments, particularly during the stand-up battles.

For a fighter to move up 5 kgs in weight is no joke, but Pacatiw says otherwise. “My power came back. I executed my skills very smoothly. If I went under or overweight, mahihirapan ako.”

With the amount of punishment Pacatiw was dishing out, we were predicting a stoppage. But Francisco’s stamina and determination to overcome adversity was commendable, to say the least. “I am still very happy. I won the fight via UD,” was a contented Pacatiw’s response to going the distance yet again.

Team Lakay head coach Mark Sangiao lauded the performance of Pacatiw that night. “He was confident. Kitang-kita niyo naman sa kanya. Parang sumasayaw pa siya.” Perhaps the Panagbenga spirit got to Jeremy as well?

This promising fighter is ready to show the PXC professional MMA league his wares. Pacatiw is one of the best among the new breed of fighters in Team Lakay that we will watch out for.


Ajie Arenas is a professional Social Media Specialist by day and an MMA junkie by night.


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