Abby Poblador is Liberated

We got (a little too) comfortable with Abby Poblador


How many times have we heard Rico Robles introduce PXC’s resident ring girl with all his gritty might, inciting the crowd into a chorus of boisterous cheers, as Abby Poblador does her intoxicating dance around the Terrordome? Beyond the sex symbol that she has wittingly become, what do we really know of Abby?

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Who would have thought that Abby Poblador likes them big? “I recently sold my R1 and Ducati,” she informed Lakay photographer Raul Landingin as the latter inquired of her bikes. If you follow Abby on social media, you would know that she rides big bikes, owning a Yamaha R1 and a Ducati Monster until recently disposing of them after her boyfriend and riding partner left for the States some time ago. “Although I’m thinking of buying a Harley,” she continued as Raul and her exchanged notes on their bike know-how.

You may have also seen a video of her emptying magazines at a shooting range. What are the biggest guns you own? “I have an AK-47 and a Thompson.” Yes, a freakin’ Tommy gun. Who introduced you to shooting? “Initially, my boyfriend introduced me to shooting. It’s more natural for guys to be into firearms naman, ‘di ba? Then when I tried it, nagustuhan ko. I started buying my own guns.” Do you also shoot with pistols, or just big guns? “Mas gusto ko yung binibira! I’ve tried pistols before, and it’s like, okay, that’s it? With big guns, iba yung thrill eh. Sa submachine gun, inuubos ko ng isang bira yung buong round. Pero magtitira ako for test shots.”

Even though she has modeling shoots with her Ducati, Abby tells us that both hobbies are neither a gimmick nor a marketing ploy. “People ask me, ‘Do you really ride bikes!?’ They’re surprised when I tell them I do.”

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As a model, you’d think that Abby Poblador is a high maintenance lady who’s hard to keep up with. “Actually, bihira akong pumunta ng spa or salon. It’s not my thing. I color my own hair. I do my own nails.” Another assumption people typically have of women in Abby’s line of work is that models have beauty but lack the brains. Here again, she proves us wrong. Graduating with Latin honors during college, I asked her if she ever thought of pursuing a career in the course she finished. “Mass Communcation graduate ako. Hindi ko talaga siya gusto. What I wanted to take was HRIM. But my mom – sila yung nagpapaaral sa akin – gusto niyang maging TV reporter ako. Sinunod ko nalang, and pinagbutihan ko siya. Kinaya ko pang maging scholar (both in Makati Science High School and Philippine Women’s University) kahit na ‘di ko siya gusto, just to prove that I could do it. After I graduated, I still pursued my passion. I tried working in a hotel as guest services officer. I worked in Diamond Hotel and Mandarin Oriental. Pero hindi ko siya nagustuhan, so nag-resign ako. Then I tried modeling. From there, nagtuluy-tuloy na.”

Abby Poblador was part of the first - and best - batch of Premiere Vixens.

Abby Poblador was part of the first – and best – batch of Premiere Vixens.

So would you ever consider going back? “Maging reporter? No. Siguro gusto ko maging artista.” Have you never been offered to act? “Mayroon, kaso lang yung offer kailangang maghubad. Actually, yung work kong ito, hindi ko naman pinangarap na maging hubadera (her words) ako, ‘di ba? Nagkataon lang na yun yung dumating na offer. When I tried it, it clicked. Nagtuluy-tuloy na siya. But kung mayroon lang akong choice, gusto ko maging wholesome.” From “hubadera”, Abby is slowly transitioning into becoming “pa-sexy”, frequenting the Sports5 (formerly AKTV) Center, spicing up the commentators’ evenings.

With a good head on top of her shoulders, it’s no wonder that Abby continues to thrive as a columnist for FHM alongside Jahziel Manabat as the magazine’s Master Debaters. I always wondered about the writing process of MD. Do you really fight with Jahziel? “Hindi kami magkaaway ni Jahziel! We’re really good friends. What FHM does is they send us the topic – say anal sex – then we’ll pick which side yung gusto namin. So for example I say YES, then siya yung NO. Then we give our reasons why. Magsusulat kami; hindi namin alam ang sasabihin ng isa’t isa. Then we’ll send it to FHM. Sila na bahala to make it look like we’re arguing, but we’re not really fighting. Of course, since YES ako at siya NO, kailangan talaga namin i-defend why we say so.”

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The way the interview was going, we just had to ask: So between you and Jahziel, who do you think is more risque? “Feeling ko ako. Maybe I’m just a bit more adventurous when it comes to that department. ‘Di kasi ako nahihiya eh. Bakit ako mahihiya? Lahat naman tayo nagkakantutan, ‘di ba? (OH MY GOD, Abby, you didn’t just say that!) Kasi kung ano yung opinion ko, yun yung nagawa ko na. So lahat ng isinulat ko, yun talaga ako.”

What does one Abby Poblador do on a typical day? Nasa bahay ako. I’m alone, so I’m the maid. Ako yung naglilinis.” If you’re really good at cleaning other people’s house, Abby Poblador would readily invite you over. “Why not, ‘di ba?”

You just sold your bikes, and you seldom visit the firing range .What hobbies do you engage in these days? “Hobbies? Bukod sa sexercise? (NO…I swear this interview was getting WILD!) Paminsan-minsan, I still do kickboxing as a stress reliever. Now, I’m trying drums. I actually have pets – four cats and a dog. My dog thinks he’s a cat. He even eats cat food!”

“Kailan babalik ang boyfriend mo?” Raul asked as a PXC staff member approached the two ring girls to escort them away. “For good,” Abby responded, baiting the two of us to read between the lines. Are you leaving for the States as well? “I don’t know.” Abby politely deferred to keep things private as she and Lhea Bernardino were whisked away, inciting our “journalistic inquisitiveness” on what those last few words actually meant.

Abby Poblador is not liberated just because she talks about sex openly. Abby Poblador is liberated because she defies the status quo of what women should be. From learning kickboxing to riding big bikes to shooting magazines off her Tommy, Abby does what Abby wants, what makes sense for her. And nobody can tell her otherwise.

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