The Best #RockItWithCondit Moments: "The Natural Born Killer" Carlos Condit in Manila!

The Best Moments of #RockItWithCondit Tour


Former UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit visited Manila, Philippines for the first time from November 6 to 8, 2014 as part of ABS-CBN‘s continuous effort to promote the UFC in the country. The #RockItWithCondit Tour was a smashing success, culminating in a public workout at the TriNoma Activity Center.

The hashtag #RockItWithCondit was running wild on Facebook the past few days, so we decided to check out the best posts to relive the mayhem that surrounded “The Natural Born Killer” in Manila.

ABS-CBN sports photographer Richard Esguerra captured a perfect moment as the throngs of people across the four storeys of TriNoma looked on as Carlos Condit was warming up. The event started at around 4:00 PM, but the venue was pretty filled up with expectant fans 30 minutes prior. AND THE FANS WERE CRAZY!

One such fan was Marie Jo Medina who wrote on Facebook, “Two meters away from my two-year crush! #SoNearYetSoFar” For a testosterone-heavy sport as MMA, Carlos Condit sure has a lot of female fans in Manila (and probably the rest of the world). Some male fans were equally not shy to call Condit their man crush!

As always, DEFTAC’s own Christian Wong was the designated victim sparring partner for Carlos Condit to punch, kick, knee, takedown, armbar, kimura, kneebar, and ankle lock for his (and everyone else’s) entertainment. Of course, some of Chris’s friends – this writer included – would have wanted him to score one for the team. But Chris remained nice and calm and kind to Condit – even if NBK snuck a low blow in!

Closing the workout, two lucky kids – it’s always the kids! – had their UFC gloves signed. I’m pretty sure these kids’ dad was happier than the boys for getting Condit’s autographs. BUT that wasn’t the end of it. NBK took the liberty to circle the rails and take selfies and sign autographs for the fans who trampled towards him. Dozens of photos and signed shirts and towels later, Condit returned to the stage to meet with the 80 lucky winners of Balls Channel’s Meet and Greet Promo.

…and this guy – for the nth time – was one of them! Joma Giron, pang ilang contest mo na ito!?!? Kidding aside, Carlos Condit was one game MOFO who I’m sure will have thousands of Filipino fight fans cheering for him in his return to the Octagon early next year. He also egged those present to #MakeUFCPhilippinesHappen by pesking Dana White and company through social media. As per Condit, “Be on Twitter, be on social media, keep tweeting Dana White. The support is obviously there. You can make it happen.” We’ve talked about the internal roadblocks to a UFC Philippines happening, but as fans of course we’re still hoping for it!

In closing, here is ABS-CBN employee Kiby Bosque getting close and comfortable with Carlos Condit inside ELJ Building. These are the days that make die-hard UFC fans like you and I want to be employed under ABS-CBN.

So, MMA Philippines, did you #RockItWithCondit? What part of the tour was most memorable for you? If you have selfies and memorabilia from the event, do tag us or send us a copy and we’ll definitely post it up in our Facebook page.

‘Til the next great UFC invasion!

The Best #RockItWithCondit Moments: “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit in Manila!

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